peeling away imperfections

The Truth about Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel season is upon us! While there may be scary words associated with peels there are many benefits to getting this treatment. Here are a few myths and truths about peels...

Myth #1 I'll have too much downtime

Truth: We have all seen the scary post peel pictures which automatically turn us away from chemical peels. While there are peels out there that can leave the skin red and have visible peeling; there are many different strengths and kinds of peels that can leave us with very minimal down time. As far as the peeling part goes, you may have slight to moderate flaking or nothing at all. Which transitions nicely into the next myth.

Myth #2 The treatment wasn't effective because I didn't have any peeling or flaking of the skin

Truth: It is not possible to predict how much or how little flaking your may experience after your treatment. In most cases peeling starts 24-48 hours after your treatment and may last up to 3-4 days (possibly a week depending on how aggressive your peel was). There can also be the chance you won't experience any peeling at all. Some people may think the treatment didn't work because their skin didn't have any flaking but our skin will only do this if it needs to. If you are on a good at home skin care routine or have prepped your skin with other exfoliating treatments your skin may not need to shed.

Myth #3 Chemicals are bad

Truth: Many people are all about organic or all natural products and try to stay away from chemicals, especially on their skin. Chemical and acid indicate negative connotations but not all chemicals and acids are bad. In fact the active acids in chemical peels are natural. Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane, salicylic is from willow bark and lactic acid comes from milk. Hyaluronic acid is even a natural substance in our body but depletes as we age.

Myth #4 Receiving one peel will fix it all

Truth: Best results are seen in a series of 6 treatments. This is true with all skin care treatments. Your skin may feel smooth and be glowing afterwards but to maintain results and see change you have to be consistent with treatments. Peels are designed to penetrate into deeper levels of the skin which may take time to see changes on the surface. It is also vital to take care of your skin at home. Invest in a good SPF and wear it every day!

Myth #5 Chemical peels are only for problematic skin

Truth: All skin types can benefit from a chemical peel, even sensitive skin. They can treat current concerns and also prevent future problems. As I said before there are several kinds of peels ranging from organic, hydrating, glycolic, retinol, salicylic, and lactic. All of these help with cell turnover and stimulate healthy skin cell growth. So no matter age, skin type, concerns there is a peel for you!

Myth #6 I can do an at home peel instead of seeing a professional Truth: Yes there are some over the counter "peels" you can purchase from your local store however you are in much better hands with a professional. You will not see the results you are looking for compared to getting a professional peel. The strength of professional peels are greater and will help long term. Also as a professional we are trained to know contraindications, proper application and education of post care instructions. There can be irreparable outcomes from at home peels such as scarring or hyper/hypo pigmentation. So please put your skin in good hands of a professional!