1. Wash off your makeup. Perhaps you caked on some face paint for your Halloween costume or you may be wearing more foundation for those holiday parties, either way wash it off before bed. Going to bed with makeup not only leads to breakouts, irritation and redness it also ages your skin up to 7 times faster. All cleansers from Image Skincare are great 3 in 1 cleansers that will cleanse, exfoliate and tone in one simple step. Just apply moisturizer after and you have an easy night time routine.

2. Stay hydrated. Weather changes, boozy nights and traveling can all affect our skins hydration. Not only is a good idea to increase the water intake but also find a moisturizer to help lock in some extra moisture for the skin.

3. Give yourself an at home mini treatment. Depending on your skin type a hydrating and/or exfoliating masque will help keep your skin looking refreshed. If you have plans to travel, try bringing along sheet masks to apply on or after your flight- easy to pack and easy to dispose.

4. Late nights lead to tired eyes. Around the holidays the days are shorter and nights are longer which means an eye cream should definitely be in your product line up. Feeling extra puffy? Put it in the refrigerator 10 mins prior to use.

5. Start investing into your skincare routine. This is the perfect time of year to gift yourself the skincare products and gadgets you have been eyeing. Pharmaceutical grade products like Image Skincare may be a little higher in price but contain a higher quality of ingredients; and a multifunctional device like the MySkinBuddy is the perfect way to maintain that healthy and glowing skin year round. Plus this time of year you can bet there will be some amazing holiday specials (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).

6. Relax. Find some time for yourself and schedule a facial (or two) to unwind and prepare for the next event. This is also a great time to meet with an esthetician and make sure you are using the correct products for the season.